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The popular T-shirt series represented by the RMC MARTIN KSOHOH brand is perfect for everyday wear.

This Season ,We used the 100% cotton 7.5 oz Heavyweight T-shirt for RMC JAPAN 2024 .

It features a firm texture with a crisp feel. The more you wear it, the tighter it gets, and the more it feels like nothing else.Thick and crisp fabric with open-end thread has rough stitch work.

Somewhat classical and rugged texture is popular.A heavy-duty neck has been achieved by adding double stitching, also the year 1960, and devising the thread count. You can choose from standard colors to trendy pale tones.
Moderate roughness and comfortable dry touch.Uses rugged and dry touch open-end thread. 
100% cotton
Made in Japan.





Design : white
  • 7.5 oz open end heavy weight T-Shirt .

    100% Cotton

    Made in Japan

    *Size unit: cm
                                     XS  S    M    L    XL  XXL
    Length                  62  66  69  73  76  81
    Width                    43  47  52  55  58  63
    Shoulder width 37  41  45  48  53  57
    Sleeve length    16  19   20  21  22  23

  • We want our friends and customers to receive personalized products,
    Since these are specially hand-colored printed t-shirts and apparel,
    All finished colors will vary slightly.
    Thank you for your understanding of our limited edition creations.
    (Don’t lose money by buying fakes)

    由於這些是專門手工上色的印花 T 恤和服裝,

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